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Welcome!  Thank you for taking the time to look at my website.  I am proud to offer a variety of photography services in the Midcoast Maine area.   I do  also love to travel.  I specialize in natural light and lifestyle photography,  I also love to work with my studio equipment. While working towards a studio of my own(currently under construction!), I have taken many courses by renowned artists and photographers while in pursuit of my Associate's Degree in Science for Digital Photography.  I take pride in my work, and have a serious passion for creating stunning photography for my clients.  My personal freelance collection is always growing, which is something I can do in my spare time thanks to Maine's incredible natural beauty.   I began my journey of life, as well as my journey as a photographer, in the woods of Maine, and will always return to my roots when in need of inspiration.

I am also very proud to be the Director of Photography for Midcoast Lyme Disease Support & Education foundation. This non-profit organization is taking leaps and bounds everyday to help those afflicted by Lyme Disease and it's many co-infections, by educating the public about its troubling presence, as well as offering the community quality information and access to Lyme literate providers in their area.  


The Story ...


I am a mother and painter as well as a photographer.  My family and I live on a small farm in Nobleboro, Maine.   I have two boys, ages 4 and 10.  I am a farm girl, and was raised by my grandparents here on the farm where we all live.  We all share our lives with our beloved animal companions.  We have 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 horses, and are looking forward to many more as we go along.  I love animals, people, and socializing, I try to always live in the moment. I love a challenge and to face the action face to face. 

I began photography in the woods, while horse back riding with my girlfriends.  It was a happy side effect of trying to improve our riding skills by using video and photos to help us work on our skills.  Riding bareback in the woods with a camera is no easy task, so my love affair began, as you might imagine, with a smart phone.   It has grown into a full fledged love affair with photography, and I wouldn't have it any other way.  About two years after I began pursuing photography seriously as a business, and moved forward to invest in a degree in digital photography.  Since that time, my work has grown and flourished.  Combining my innate passion for the beauty that life in Maine hands me, I began to look at everything behind the viewfinder of my camera, never leaving home without it.  Capturing life's beauty has become a mission for me, a personal, passionate mission with a purpose so much greater than myself.  Watching a couple lovingly dote on one another, or a father holding his precious newborn child in his hands,  to see the soul inside the person in front of the lens, and to capture a moment in time that will never happen again; this is why I am a photographer.  


In a crowded bridal prep room, or a tiny, dimly lit hospital room;  I look for those

precious details, a story, and a light source. 

The rest is history...


Becoming a Client...

Whether you book H.Roberts Photography to capture images of your family,  your graduating teenager, or the wedding of your dreams, each client is valued equally.   

Once you make the decision to book my services, I will collect your contact and mailing information.  This information is always kept confidential.  I will then send you a link to your personal client portal with 17hats.com. This Portal will stay with you as long as you are a client with H.Roberts Photography and contains all of the necessary information you need to move forward.  You can easily pay your deposit and/or session fee, sign your contract(s), answer questions/questionnaires (wedding/event clients), and you will also receive and have the ability to keep your image gallery link and login information after your images are released.  It will all be there at your fingertips.

I do not sell digital imagery to my personal portraiture clients, but I do provide a wide variety of high quality products for you to choose from including canvases, prints, metal prints, invitations, Christmas cards, and everything in between.  Whether you prefer a personal product consultation, or the privacy of your online gallery, H.Roberts Photography can provide you with whatever setting you would like to shop for your products.   I personally choose the best prices and the highest quality products from only the most reputable print labs for my clients.  I currently order from Bay Photo Labs in California, and WHCC in Minnesota.    

I treasure each and every client, and I want each one to have a positive and streamline experience with H.Roberts Photography.