A lifestyle type session is a less formal version of any type of session.  Lifestyle simply means, in action, unposed, and all natural.  Many types of sessions can taken in a lifestyle manner; Portraiture, Newborn, Engagement, Mommy and Me, etc.  Lifestyle mannered sessions are captured outdoors or indoors, wherever everyone can interact and act naturally. This is in contrast to a studio setting where every move and pose is planned and coordinated.  My job is to act as though I am a wall flower, capturing all the beauty I can see in those moments.  On occasion I might ask for a smile, but these types of sessions are as unposed as possible.

Lifestyle photography is very popular with busy families, who want to capture the beauty of their everyday lives, as they interact with one another during routine parts of their day, or during a family outing and don't necessarily want to try to get their family perfectly posed in an unnatural studio setting.  It is also an excellent style of photography that I have found yields the most honest results, that is what you desire.  

As you can see from the photo here, my son was being playful while eating his lunch and the intense affection, and character in his eyes in this exact moment felt incredible to capture.  In the blink of an eye he was onto other things,  but I will forever have this glimpse of his very soul, even if his face is a little messy. Choosing to capture your session in a lifestyle manner, does not effect the price.