Locations in Midcoast Maine

I have compiled a list of locations by towns and their information that may be helpful to my clients, or potential clients in choosing a location for your shoot. Unless stated otherwise, entry to the listed sites is free of charge to the public. These are only suggestions, and I am always up for trying new places. There are a lot of places I have not listed, there are just so many! 
Did you know? I can take a full session in a very small area with a small bit of suitable terrain and desired elements?  Space is not an issue! If you have a small lawn, or even a small patch of flowers, I can do wonders in small spaces. If you aren't sure, just send me an email, and we will personalize your session for you.  The following locations offer beauty as soon as you step out of your vehicle, many also offer hiking trails as well.  




Whaleback Shell Midden State Historic site


This location offers an incredible apple orchard, steps from your vehicle, with a quaint little bench sitting right along the Damariscotta River.  There is also a woodsy area that leads down a small trail, rich with history, and learning experience for folks of all ages!
Directions to Location: Less than a mile and a half north of downtown Damariscotta along Main Street (Business Route 1) opposite the Great Salt Bay School. From McDonald’s, at the junction of Biscay Road and Main Street, proceed north exactly 0.3 miles, passing Round Top Farm on the way.

**PLEASE NOTE:  While creating this page, I realized that Google has a few inaccuracies in regards to where the exact location of the Shell Midden Site is.  I have reported the mistakes to Google.  The marker I have placed on the map, is the CORRECT street view location for the Shell Middens. I placed the Marker at 535 Main ST. Damariscotta, Maine 04543, although the Shell Middens don't actually have an exact address, it shares a driveway with the Pemaquid Watershed Association.  The green tree marker on the Shell Middens on the map is in fact two entire property plots away from where the actual location is.  

Great Salt Bay Farm and Heritage Center


This location greets you immediately with a giant, gorgeous field, over looking a large marshy pond FULL of wildlife, right on the edge of the Damariscotta River.  There is a trail that follows around the perimeter of the property that takes on a wonderful tour of the gorgeous landscape, and directly along the edge of the river, for scenic views of the water and forest. 
Directions to Location:  Great Salt Bay Farm is located at 110 Belvedere Road in Damariscotta, less than half a mile off of Route 1. Coming up Route 1 from the South, pass the main Damariscotta exit and continue for slightly more than 2 miles to the blinking light at Belvedere Road. Take a left on Belvedere and the DRA will be on your left; a white farmhouse opposite a large barn. From the North on 1, after you cross the Damariscotta town line from Nobleboro continue about a mile to the bottom of the hill and take a right at the blinking light onto Belvedere Road.




Dodge Point public reserved land



This location offers a combination of scenery, and you don't have to hike the trail to enjoy the woodsy scenery that you might prefer when choosing a location like this one. This is one of my favorite places to frequent in my personal time. Dodge Point consists of over 500 acres with more than 8,000 feet of frontage along the Damariscotta River.  This location is a beautiful scenic trail that peeks out briefly at the Damariscotta River.   It offers a woodsy experience,  and after a half mile walk, an almost beach like experience on the water. The trail brings you right to the Damariscotta River, with a salt marsh feel, and stoney beach with large driftwood trees along the banking, its a great spot for photos.  From an historical point of view, this location offers a look into the history of how Damariscotta. It's brick buildings were built from the red earth along the edge of the reserves banks, right there at the edge of this very trail. 
Directions to Trailhead:
From the north: Take the Newcastle exit off US Route 1 and turn left on Mills Road. Follow the road for 0.5 miles. At stop sign, head straight following River Road for approximately 2.6 miles. The parking lot and trailhead will be on your left.
From the south: Take the River Road exit (Snead’s Spur) off US Route 1 and turn right onto River Road. Follow River Road for approximately 2.5 miles. The parking lot and trailhead will be on your left.



(Merril)Payson Park


This is a beautiful park and hiking trail location, with a flowing river and walking bridge, as well as a nearly magical entrance to the forest past the walking bridge. The park is located on the George's River Canal System, one of the oldest canal systems in America. This place has all the elements of a great location for photos, I have held many sessions here, and find new places to shoot every time!
Payson Park is located on RTE 90 in Warren Maine, about 3/4 of a mile from the intersection of US RTE 1 and RTE 90 in Warren, Maine. 366 Camden Rd, Warren Maine. 






New Harbor


Pemaquid Point Light House


Located at what looks like the end of the world, this is a beautiful State Park and scenic place for a photography session.  They welcome photography, and I appreciate their support! Every turn of the head yields more beauty and wonder for the eyes to take in.  This classic lighthouse on a rocky ocean's edge has a feel of the olden days, with a museum in the house as well as a place to eat and buy souvenirs next door.  I spend alot of time here, during the summer and during the off season, there has always been something very special about this site. I have many photos in my freelance collection from this very spot.  

There is a small fee to enter this Park between the designated hours.  Please see their website for more information. 
3115 Bristol Road New Harbor , ME 04554
The Park facilities are open Mon - Sun: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm from early May - late October.
**After hours, and after the season ends, the state allows entry for free!




Port Clyde

Marshall Point Light House

(The Port Clyde Light House)


My husband grew up in Tenants Harbor, so this area is near and dear to our hearts. This beautiful scenic spot is absolutely great for photos, and a few of the photos you will see in my mini portfolio are from this gorgeous spot.  There are so many different aspects of this spot that make it an ideal place for photos.
Coming from the south on U.S. #1:
After passing through the business district of Thomaston, turn right on Rte. 131 at the foot of the hill.
Coming from the north on U.S. #1:
After passing through Rockland and then by the large cement plant on your left, turn left on Rte. 131 at the foot of the hill.  From the intersection of Routes 1 & 131 it is 15.2 miles to Marshall PointAt mile 5.4: Pass by the Rte. 73 intersection  At mile 9.3: “Welcome II Tenants Harbor” sign on your right.
At mile 10.1: Rte. 131 bears left at the top of the hill. At mile 14.5: Turn left off Rte. 131 at the blue Marshall Point directional sign.  At mile 14.7: Turn right on Marshall Point Road
Note: The last quarter mile is narrow and winding. There is a parking lot on the right just before entering the lighthouse grounds.



Rockland Breakwater lighthouse


This is another place that is near and dear to my heart, my children and I frequent this place in the summer months.  This location has a small and quaint park area, that is wheelchair accessible, it over looks the Breakwater pathway and the lighthouse.   Further on, there is  a narrow, short path next to the water, that leads to the breakwater walkway, this pathway and rock walkway to the light house is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible.  I would rather my client's know that just in case, beforehand, it is not something that I can control.  This walkway is has been created by giant rocks placed together to create a rocky pathway to the lighthouse that juts out into the harbor almost a mile. Unfortunately if there is anyone with sever mobility issues, or are in a wheelchair, going on the rock walk way may not be safe for you.  
Driving north from Portland:
Take 295 north to the exit for Coastal Route 1 North exiting into Brunswick. Once on US Route 1 continue approximately 50 miles until you arrive in Rockland. Route 1 north is Rockland Main Street. Continue Route 1 north turning right onto Waldo Avenue. Go .5 mile turning right onto the Samoset Road. Samoset Road ends in the small parking area for the Breakwater. The Breakwater, to the left of the parking area, leads about .8 miles to the lighthouse.
Driving south from Bangor:
Take Route 1 south approximately 60 miles to Rockland. Just past the Wal-Mart turn left onto Waldo Avenue. Go .5 mile turning right onto the Samoset Road. Samoset Road ends in the small parking area for the Breakwater. The Breakwater, to the left of the parking area, leads about .8 miles to the lighthouse.
Driving east from Augusta:
Take Route 17 east approximately 50 miles to its end in Rockland where it intersects with Route 1. Turn left onto Route 1 north. Continue a short distance on Route 1 north turning right onto Waldo Avenue. Go 0.5 mile turning right onto the Samoset Road. Samoset Road ends in the small parking area for the Breakwater. The Breakwater, to the left of the parking area, leads about .8 miles to the lighthouse.