“I have been creating and capturing moments since I can remember, and truly began tapping into these passions in my early high school years through interest in photojournalism and landscape photography. I love the magic of freezing a moment in time and the breathtaking spectrum of earth's natural color palette. I find inspiration in genuine everyday interactions, expression of raw emotion and truth, creative curiosity, and the patient strength of our natural world.”

-Marina Williams

My Assistant and Second Photographer

Meet Marina Williams. Marina is an herbalist, artist, photographer, and tribal dancer all here in Midcoast Maine. She has a soft demeanor and an honest soul. This lady and I began as friends, and now that friendship and our mutual love for art and photography has brought us into a professional relationship. She began as my assistant, being organized and tidy, she was the perfect fit for the job. I knew she had some photography experience, but her talent jumped out at me the first time I saw some of her images. H.Roberts Photography is lucky to have Marina on board, and I am also very lucky to call her my friend.

Marina accompanies me for all of my large events, as either my assistant or second photographer, or both.

Marina in a garden with kitty .jpg