First and foremost let me congratulate you on your engagement!

I have several packages available for purchase, as well as add ons, and products galore! I choose only the highest quality products, and I work with each client to customize the wedding photography coverage you can be happy with well after your wedding is completed.

Getting married is an amazing experience! My goal as your photographer is to take any stress of your wedding photography needs OUT of your hands, completely.

My job is to work with you, the wedding couple, to take care of those timing details BEFORE we even come to the big day itself. When your wedding day comes, you just need to look your best, and SMILE, one of the best days of your life is about to begin!

From the moment we begin conversing, you will notice the timeline is my major focus. This is one of, if not the MOST important piece of our business relationship together. From the moment I arrive on site, to the moment I leave. I will have a clear and concise timeline to follow, ensuring I don’t miss a single second of the images you want to be immortalized on this day.

I send my clients two separate questionnaire’s. The first one is sent shortly after booking. This one is an informal get to know you and your information as well as any solid information about your wedding day that could already be set in stone when you first book with me. The second and most important questionnaire is sent about 8 weeks prior to the big day, this one is extensive, and covers ALL of those tiny timing details from when and where I arrive to begin coverage, right down to exact travel times between locations, and times allotted for formal portraiture and many other tiny details that are crucial to the day.

My assistant, Marina and I work together as a great team to ensure flawless coverage, with each step of your day.  This day is about you, and ensuring there is enough time for each piece of your coverage is paramount.  Planning begins the moment you book with me.