I am a fine art, natural light photographer, and offer a variety of photography services mainly in the Midcoast Maine area, however I do love to travel.  I specialize in lifestyle photography, although I am no stranger to a studio setting, and have taken many courses by renowned artists and photographers while in pursuit of my Associate's Degree in Science for Digital Photography.  I am also proud to be the Director of Photography for Midcoast Lyme Disease Support & Education foundation. This non profit organization is taking leaps and bounds everyday to help those afflicted by Lyme Disease and it's many co-infections, by educating the public about its troubling presence.  I take pride in my work, and have a passion for creating quality art and stunning photography for my clients.  I am also always working on my personal freelance collection, which is thanks to Maine's incredible natural beauty.  


Holly Roberts ST.Clair, Owner/Photographer

Welcome.  My name is Holly Roberts St.Clair, I am a wife and mother, as well as a photographer.  My family and I live on a small farm in Nobleboro, Maine.  I have two boys, ages 3 and 9, my husband and I have been married for just over 3 years.  My husband, kids and I share our lives with our beloved animal companions, we have 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 horses, and are looking forward to many more as we go along.  I love animals, people, and socializing, I try to always live in the moment. I love a challenge and to face the action face to face. 

The photo below is of me sitting on a half melted, jagged ice shelf over Small's Falls waterfall in Township E in Franklin County Maine. 

At each session, I try maintain a relaxed and positive atmosphere, having photos taken can be a tad stressful for some, and I find the best photos I end up capturing are the ones where everyone is relaxed and enjoying themselves.  I am passionate about finding the beauty in things that we might not see at first glance, like the way a spouse looks at the other while interacting with their children, or the detail on flower petal as dew rolls across its textured surface.  I would love to share my world with you, and help capture the beauty that is in your world.  Let me capture your life's beauty.


A bit of History...

Horse Back Riding has always been like second nature to me. My passion for photography actually began on horse back while riding with my girlfriends.  Bareback endurance trail riding has always been my favorite way to go, even if it's not typical of most riders. Normally I spend at least 20 hours a week on my horse, in the woods getting exercise while enjoying the great outdoors. 

I began photographing and recording video of a lot of our rides. We used the video to help improve our riding skills, and I came away from that with a new passion for an art that I'd never tapped into.  Before long I was enrolled in college classes for my Associates in Science for Digital Photography and I had started my own business.  I have been in business now for almost 5 years.  Juggling a business and being a stay at home mother isn't always easy, but it is incredibly rewarding. 

Photography is an amazing art, and I am captivated by it everyday. I feel very lucky and blessed that I am able to work doing something that I love.